• Prevention "Works" Program

  • Intervention "Works" Program

  • Transition "Works" Program

  • Volunteer "Works" Program

  • Foster Care "Works" Program

  • Housing "Works" Program​

  • Recreation "Works" Program

  • Transportation "Works" Program

  • Autism Community Enterprises (ACE), Inc. "Works" Program

  • Amazing Gospel Souls, Inc. "Works" Program​

  • GMCAC Recording Studio, Inc. "Works" Program
  • Teens for Change, Inc. "Works" Program



    • Foster Care/Adoption Services: Promote stability and safety housing 24 hours a day for abused and neglected children. 
    • Mental health services: Provide mentoring, therapy, community support, and case management.
    • Housing Services: Teach and prepare clients to budget and manage money. Provide transitional housing for low in-come young adults who plan to age out of the foster care system.

    • Real Estate and Mortgage Assistance: Provide foreclosure, loan modification, home buying and renting, credit reporting, and debt-to-income ratios assistance.

    • Rental Assistance: Give monetary resources for housing needs such as but not limited to; security deposits for rent and utility assistance.

    • Employment Services: Give resources for employment opportunities, link clients to career centers for resume building and job training, direct clients to job fairs and prepare clients to work through our job readiness program.

    • Education Services: Help clients’ further education by providing resources to obtain GED, High School Diploma and/or College degree. Provide support to school age children who are failing in school. Help students improve their grade point average, assist with challenges in school (e.g. excessive tardiness and absences, skipping class, bullying, gang involvement, stress over completing assignments, and teach time management).

    • Notary Services: Assist residents in the community with notarizing certain legal formalities, especially to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, or other documents for use in other jurisdictions.

    our services overview

    We provide services to children, adolescents, adults and families. Our consumers include: juvenile delinquents involved in the juvenile justice system, veteran families for reintegration, prospected children through the unaccompanied minor program, abused and neglected children in the child welfare system, and individuals with mental and physical disabilities.